Brighton beach is just one of those places if you spend a million hours there you still won’t have enough time to do everything you want to! When I first decided to visit Brighton I had a million ideas of what it would look like and what I would do, I honestly never thought much about the beach though. A beach is a beach right? They don’t vary from country to country much do they? Boy how wrong I was!

So one of the first things you will notice is there is no sand! Now what I was told was that waaaaay back when Queen Victoria didn’t like getting sand in her unmentionables and so she had stones imported, now that could be a load of bollocks but it is fun to imagine.

Regardless where they came from they are a very cool quirk! As you can see from above often times the waves will wash them further up the beach and create this sort of surreal look , it’s hard to tell from this picture but that staircase is actually half buried in stones and shells!

What I really loved is how England seems to make the most of their space. Further down the beachfront there were lots of old boat sheds that have been converted to pubs, shops, restaurants, night clubs and museums. Just a really awesome sight.

There’s also a lot of art installations along the beach, each time I visit something new pops up. My favourite was what I call the doughnut, I think what I liked the most about it was it was graffitied with paint that was only visible in photographs.

Something I thought was really fascinating is the old Brighton West Pier, which had burnt down back in 2003 from suspected arson. The old Pier’s skeleton still remains and looks absolutely awesome. If you’re like me and you love post apocalyptic stuff then you will appreciate seeing the ghost of the old pier on your journey along the beach.

There are so many things to interest along the beachfront I’m afraid of forgetting something! One thing you can’t forget is the I360! It’s this awesome installment from British Airlines. It’s a glass structure that takes you up 453′ in the air for an incredible view of Brighton and Hove. Now yours truly here isn’t the biggest fan of heights so I don’t have any great action shots, so you’ll just have to visit and see it for yourself!

Arguably the biggest attraction of the beach is the Brighton Pier. My favourite place to eat in all of Brighton is Palm Court, it was the first place I had real fish and chips. The first time I had seen mushy peas I thought it was guacamole, I hadn’t even heard of mushy peas until coming to England. They were so good though. It’s hard describing it to other Americans though because everyone has the same reaction. Mushy peas? Like baby food? No. Nothing like baby food. We have fish and chips in the states too but for some reason mushy peas got lost along the way. Might not seem like a big deal but to me it’s tragic to order fish and chips in the states knowing there will never be mushy peas with it. I’ve asked several times if they could just bring me out a dish of warm peas and they stare at me like I’ve got three eyes.

Now this is from my first time at Palm Court, they’ve since completely remodeled. I love the new look but I am nostalgic for the old layout.

We ended our first day together at the Sea Life Aquarium but it was such an amazing place I want to do an entire segment about it instead of just mentioning it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about Brighton Beach and I hope you can go visit it and experience all these things in person!