For as long as I could remember I have wanted to go to England. It was one of those places that always seemed magical to me. As a kid I grew up with things like the original The lion, the witch and the wardrobe,  Harry Potter,  Fawlty Towers, Black Adder, Young Ones and Bottom. Needless to say I was beyond excited when I had purchased my tickets.

As a way to cut down my expenses I had stayed with a friend of mine (my Fiance now), I recommend if you’re thinking about traveling overseas and you have friends in the area that you stay with them. Hotels are probably going to be your biggest expense when vacationing. It’s also a good way to experience the country like a native. Darren, my friend at the time, was an excellent tour guide. He took me to several museums and areas of interest such as the Brighton Pier and the Aquarium which I have some amazing photographs of.

My Fiance Darren

If you go to Brighton Pier I recommend Palm Court. They were my first real fish and chips experience and the mushy peas are absolutely divine. Since there are a fantastic amount of seagulls that have absolutely no problems stealing, I also must insist you eat inside.

There’s so much to do on the Pier you could honestly make an entire day out of it. After we had our fish and chips we checked out the arcade. Yes it IS bigger on the inside! I couldn’t believe how many things they managed to pack into it. Roller coaster, bumper cars, pub, and if you’d rather just relax on the pebble covered beach then you can grab a beach chair and soak up the sun. Yes it really is possible to get a tan in England (in our case a sunburn)

Remember the aquarium I mentioned above? That was a seriously cool experience. The entire thing is underground in the old sewer system, only it hasn’t been a sewer system in a very very long time. During the war it was converted into a bunker and afterwards I’m told it was even a dance hall. So it was extremely awesome to feel the history of the place. The aquarium itself is HUGE! It seemed like it went on for miles. You’ve got tunnels and petting zoo pools, stingrays that jump and spit water at you. At the end of it we even had our pictures taken and put on keychains to remember it.

Brighton is such an amazing city you can have an incredible time just walking around and taking in the sights. Darren and I had walked to Churchill Square and there was a man on his way to work driving a van just singing and waving good morning to people on the street. I loved that. It made me so happy that he was so bright and cheerful!

If you really want to see something amazing while in Brighton you must go to the Royal Pavilion! King George the third had used it as a vacation home. It’s a gargantuan building with lavish decor and incredible history. You can have tea on the second floor balcony overlooking the gardens which are breathtaking.

If you’ve been to Brighton let me know in the comments what your favourite place was!