One of the most breathtaking places I had the pleasure of seeing was the Roman palace in Chichester. When I was told we were going to a Roman villa in my little American mind I thought wow! There’s a surviving Roman villa? I know I’m remarkably naive for as old as I am. I thought it would still have walls and a roof and maybe wax figures. Well it did have walls and a roof just not the originals. They had a building erected around the surviving structures to protect them from the elements.

I was sort of amazed at how they came to discover this epic historical site. From what the tour guide had told us back in the 1960’s a man named Aubrey Barrett was digging trenches for pipes. He had scrapped a huge portion of the tesseract tile flooring. Since the moment of its discovery the people in charge have done everything in their power to preserve as much as they can of the artifacts and the history. They’ve done an absolutely bang up job. Not only did they build an amazing super structure of walkways that seem to float above the delicate floors, they’ve also built an amazing museum to showcase the history and artifacts of the dig.

You can see the large gash made from Aubrey before he realised what he had discovered.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the presence of actual human remains! As an american I expected them to be replicas. Nope actual human remains. One in particular was left in the earth where he was found. They said from a DNA test they found out he was German and most likely a farm worker who died from injuries.

I highly recommend that if you go (and you should) do the tour. Now when we went it was 2017 so I’m not sure if the same man is doing it, and I apologise that I cannot recall the man’s name because he was absolutely wonderful. If any of you have gone and know the gentlemen’s name please leave it in the comments and I will edit this post.

There were so many cool things about this Roman Palace but I’m going to purposely leave out some of the best pictures because the pictures don’t do them justice. This is a place that is best seen in person, the feeling that you get when you’re surrounded with this must history is just indescribable.

I was astonished at the sheer size of this site, not only does the building covering the palace remains seem to go on for miles but then you step outside and see the recreated gardens and you really get a sense of what it could of been like back then.

All in all guys, I would go back here in a heartbeat. So if you’re in the area and you love this stuff as much as I do go check it out! They even have a pretty amazing gift shop to grab some cool Roman momentos.